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Congratulations on the purchase of your American Bulldog. We feel that this is one of the best dog breeds ever created. The American Bulldog will do almost anything you ask of it, and is one of the most loyal, intelligent, protective dogs that you will find! 

Enclosed in this care sheet/guarantee is the information we feel will help you in taking care of your new dog. Your dog has been weaned onto solid food. We feed Purina ProPlan dog food. We have had great success with this food. If you choose to feed something else, please stick with premium dog foods, as not all grocery store brands are made with as pure ingredients. 

Your dog has been vaccinated with a six in one puppy shot, which protects against distemper, hepatitis, Para influenza, adenovirus, parvovirus, leptospirosis, and corona virus. We vaccinate beginning at six weeks, then again at nine, twelve, and sixteen weeks. A reminder, most dogs are given rabies vaccinations at four months. Yearly boosters of both should be given. We also recommend that you have your dog checked for internal parasites at least once a year. We use Heartgard on our dogs once a month for heartworm prevention, roundworm, and hookworms. We deworm with Strongid at four and six weeks of age and then again annually.

You are being supplied with a registration for the American Bulldog Association. You must pick a name for your dog and return the form to the ABA with the appropriate fee for the dog to be registered. This must be done before the dog reaches six months of age to be valid. 

Our dogs are guaranteed to be free of congenital defects, and also guaranteed to be free of serious infectious diseases (i.e.. parvovirus). The puppy must be vet checked for infectious diseases within forty-eight hours of purchase of the dog for this guarantee to be valid. If a dog becomes sick within the incubation period of leaving our kennels, and the problem can be traced to our kennel, we will reimburse the owner up to the purchase price of the dog for treatment. If the dog is immediately treated and still dies, we will choose a replacement puppy of comparable value as soon as one becomes available. We also guarantee against the following genetic problems;
A) Hip dysplasia - The dog must be PennHIP certified before or at two years of age. The evaluation must come back higher than the median score, with degenerative joint disease (djd), for replacement of the dog. 
B) Congenital Heart Problems 
C) Entropian or Ectropion 

All guarantees are void if the dog has been bred, is injured, worked excessively/weight-pulled at a young age, malnourished, overweight, or kept in an improper environment. We will replace a defective dog after we receive written proof, x-rays, etc, from your vet, and a second opinion from our vet. We also require that you provide proof of spaying or neutering the dog in question. The replacement dog will be of our choice, and of comparable value. 

The purchaser agrees also that if they can no longer keep the dog, it will be returned to Natural Disasters American Bulldogs, not an animal shelter or dog pound. Purchaser will receive no compensation from us, as we will be incurring vet bills and food bills for the rescued animal. The information and help we provide as breeders of American Bulldogs does not end with the sale of a dog to you. We encourage you to keep in touch with us. We appreciate progress reports, and we love getting pictures. If you have any questions or problems, feel free to give us a call. Thank you and enjoy your dog! 

Brian and Sara Jones 

I have read this care sheet/guarantee, and I understand and agree to the terms in it, and any additional terms or agreements below. 

Signed, ___________________________________ 

Additional terms and agreements: