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* Tornado Alley *




A rough start!

Getting the hang of it!

Fat and happy at 2 weeks.

What a beautiful girl!

Alley at 2 months

Alley at 6 months

Alley at 2 years

We did Alley's PennHip at 1 year and she also ranked in the top 10 percent of the breed,            L .33 no DJD and R .26 no DJD.

Alley is out of Izens Precious Ivy CD1 PennHip OFA and Ch. Koa who is out of MGK’s Tyson OFA TT and Boyd’s Athena (aka Cody) OFA.  Ch. Koa weighs 105 pounds. He has a Pennhip score of .39/.39 no DJD. He is also rated OFA “Fair”. Koa passed the Working American Bulldog Association’s Breed Suitability Test (BST). Koa also has a CGC Title.

Alley 85 lbs at 18mo. and still has some filling out to do.  She is working on her obedience with the goal of obtaining her CGC.  Alley has a very drivey personality and a desire to please.


Ch Souza's Koa of Boyd  BST CGC OFA PH Bailey's Ironman Tyson of MGK TT OFA MGK's Gator Red    
MGK's She's a Doozey    
Sommer's Athena of Boyd OFA Johnson's Zeke of Sure-Grip    
Johnson's Zeena of Sure-Grip    
Izen's Precious Ivy  PH CD1 Izen's Roman Draco Sure-Grip's Rattler Sure-Grips Dick the Cruiser Johnson's Dozer Bruno
Ruby Farneti
Sure-Grip's Rodeo Rose Symmes' Rip'N Woody
Sure-Grip's Hoosier Blue
DeSoto's Reina of Sure-Grip Johnson's Zeke of Sure-Grip Symmes' Terminator
Sure-Grip's Sweet Sister Sadie
Johnson's Zeena of Sure-Grip Sure-Grip's Freddie Kruegger
Motley's Tinkerbell of Sure-Grip
Izen's Naturally Bad Tia Blackwell's Indomitable Snowman MGK's Action Jackson MGK's Mountain Gator Red
MGK's She's A Doozy
Peeler's Miss Bully's Buck Johnson's Bo Donald
Johnson's Collette 14
Collinsville's Princess Blackwell's Cracker Jack MGK's Mountain Gator Red
Blackwell's Rising Star
Blackwell's Princess MGK's Bam-Bam
MGK's Tulsa


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