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Natural Disasters American Bulldogs





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The Puppies in their new homes...

Alley X Bear (round two)

Natural Disasters Serious Jones AKA Serious

owned by Rashad Williams of San Antonio, TX


Alley x Bear (round one)

SAB Hurricane Katrina of Natural Disasters AKA Kat

owned by Tami Woodford



Owned by Brett and Ashley Bacon


Natural Disasters Annabelle


Natural Disasters Boots AKA Boo

owned by Michele Pettibone



Ivy x Koa

Natural Disasters Wild Fire,  AKA Blaze, PH  L .43 R .39 no DJD

owned by Kari Anderson and David Hill of Arkansas

@ 1 year with the our girls

A natural catch dog!

Crazy eyes!

A mom and her girls.

1 year old!

Blaze in her new home


Natural Disasters Beatrix,  AKA B

owned by Cheri Smilanick of Arizona

@ 1year

@ 4 years



Natural Disasters Rocky

owned by Chrissie Komar of Pennsylvania

@ 1 year

@ 3 yrs



Natural Disasters Oakley

owned by Martine Rohlfing of Oregon




Hollemans Daisy of Natural Disasters

owned by Christine Beckett of Arkansas

@ 6 months

@ 7 months

@ 1 year



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